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At Nuna Golf you can enjoy golf all year long no matter what the weather is outside.

Nuna Golf is an indoor golf experience that offers a fun and friendly way to play with friends, family, and co-workers.

Play golf on championship courses from around the world. Anyone can play at Nuna Golf, even if you've never walked on a golf course.  It's competitive and fun.  Our year-round facility creates memo-rable experiences and fun for every age.

Golf Simulators

We have the best simulators on the market to accurately measure ball spin.

This means an unparalleled golf experience with the ability to hit any shot you wish.  Hit chips, flops, draws and fades just as you would outside.  Also with actual putting, you can improve all aspects of the game to take outdoors in the summer.

Basic golf lessons are available upon request.

Left & Right hand clubs available

Children's clubs available.

Beginners Guide to Golf

Golf Basics Video

Pro Golf



Golf Jokes

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